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  1. How do I post a deal?
  2. How do I look for something?
  3. What are tags?
  4. How do I add a deal to my favorites?
  5. What is the favorite posters section?
  6. How can I check out comments?
  7. What if I like/don’t like a deal?

How do I post a deal?

Once you login, you will see a Post a Deal section at the main page. Here you can type in the deal and the corresponding link(s). In the tags box, type in the tags that make sense for your deal. Some examples are: womens-apparel, jeans, ipod, mac. NOTE: Use as many tags as possible since this would help others find your deal.

How do I look for something?

There are bunch of different ways to find what you are looking for. First, you can search by tags on the right search box.  Second, if you are looking for someone, you can click on the find posters button at the top right navigation link and here you can do a search by their twitter user name. When you mouse over the profile pictures that are in the search results you will see their twitter user name. Other ways include clicking on a profile poster image and clicking on tags from anywhere in the site.

What are tags?

Tags are a short description of what the deal is about. You can enter keywords, labels, categories, product description, line of business, Name of the store etc. Example: Ipod, Mac, Interior-design, Decor, Electronics, Apple, Amazon, Dailydeals, Jeans, Womens-apparel. Tags are separated by using spaces. If there is a space in the tag you wish to use, please separate them with a hyphen instead (example: womens-apparel)

How do I add a deal to my favorites?

By simply clicking on the star Icon , you can add a deal to your favorites. Once clicked, the star image turns yellow . By clicking on the Yellow Star icon again, you can remove a deal from you favorites.

What is the favorite posters section?

Clicking on the “my fav posters” tab lists the users whom you have added to your favorite posters list and the deals posted by them. This is a good way of filtering deals. This way you don’t see deals posted by all users but only those that have been posted by your favorite posters. If your favorite posters list is empty and you like to add somebody, clicking on either the fav posters tab or the “find posters” link on the top navigation bar provides you with a text-field where you can look-up the poster.

In order to add a user to your favorites, click on the user’s profile pic. This will take you to that user’s profile page. Here you can click on the “Add as Fav poster” button. If the user is already in your favorite posters list and you would like to remove him/her, then click on the ✓ user name button.

How can I check out comments?

Comments can be viewed for any deals by simply clicking on the comments link at the bottom right corner of each deal. You can post your comment at the “Leave your Comment” box at the right and click on the submit button. You could also vote on a comment by clicking on Yes or No. This vote gets registered in our system and helps us figure out how well deals are doing.

What if I like/don’t like a deal?

You can vote on deals by clicking on the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons. This is very helpful to us as we utilize your vote in our systems to come with the latest trending deals. You can also leave a comment if you would like.